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Christmas at Two Love Lane - Kieran Kramer

I was asked to read this story in exchange for an honest review.  There were parts of this story that I loved and parts I didn't.  Overall, it was a fun story and I enjoyed the characters, but at times it felt like I was reading in circles.  I loved how the story took place in Charleston, SC.  The author's descriptions were dead on.  It made me feel like I was actually there.

The lead heroine, Macy Frost is a descendant of THE Cupid and owns a matchmaking company with her two best friends Ella and Greer.  The hero is Deacon Banks, a wealthy man from New York City, NY, whose Aunt Fran, who raised him, just moved in next door to Macy.  Deacon is looking for Macy to set him up on dates for the next month while he is here with his aunt, as a Christmas present for her....he is not looking for anything serious.  Macy reluctantly agrees as long as she can also try to find his one true love.  Since Deacon doesn't believe in love he agrees.

I really liked both of the characters.  They each had their own reluctance to love and it was fun watching them both fall hard.  I just adored Aunt Fran and her houseman, George.  They were a hoot!  Overall it was a sweet, Christmas story with a little sexy time thrown in.