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Completely (New York, #3) - Ruthie Knox

Wow was this story emotional!  I just could not put it down.  In book 2 of the New York series, Madly, we met Rosemary Chamberlain, mom to Beatrice and ex-wife to Winston.  Now Rosemary is back for her own story.

After Rosemary divorced Winston so she could "find" herself again, she joined a group of other British women to climb the Seven Summits - the highest mountains on each of the seven continents.  The first one she was tackling was Everest.  While on Everest, an avalanche hits and Rosemary is rescued by one of the guides, Kalden Beckett....who happens to be very handsome and the son of the most famous female climber, Yangchen Beckett.  After the emotional rescue, Rosemary ends up spending the night with Kal and is thrown for a loop.  Rosemary has never felt such a strong connection to someone before.  The two of them travel together to New York from Nepal and start to quickly have feelings for each other.  Rosemary is conflicted between wanting to be with Kal and wanting to find herself.  Just when Rosemary thinks she has her life figured out, everything changes.

Rosemary was a determined character.  She knew what she wanted, but didn't truly understand what that really was.  Kal didn't really know what he wanted, but because of things from his past, he tended to just ignore everything.  Together they both were able to finally figure out what they each really wanted.  I loved how Kal was younger than Rosemary...it added a little something to the story.  I also really enjoyed the path these two went on to get to their happy ending, but boy was it really emotional!  If you cry easy, have tissues close at hand toward the end of the book!  Overall, this was a great, emotional read!