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Royal Pain: A His Royal Hotness Novel - Tracy Wolff

Oh, man did I have fun with the book!  I could not put it down!  The characters, the story...it was all great!

His Royal Hotness, Prince Kian is the second born son of King Wildemar and the spare to the heir.  He spends his days partying and nights with different women...and he is just having fun.  When his twin brother, Garrett, is kidnapped, Kian's life as he knows is over.  He must step into his brother's duties.  While at a function, being harassed by all the eligible females and their mother's, a waitress "accidentally" drops champagne all over him.  Suddenly Kian is VERY attracted to this waitress, Savannah Breslin.  Problem is that Savvy is not falling all over him like most females do and that only makes Kian want her all the more.  Kian continues his pursuit of Savvy, and eventually she gives in.  What neither of them expected was that their union was going to be explosive.  

Savvy knows she should not be with Kian, be he makes her feel so alive, unlike someone else from her past, that she can't let Kian go.  Kian realizes that his feeling for Savvy are something that he has never felt before.  Just when their relationship looks like it headed for happy ever after....a big bombshell is revealed.  

While Kian is trying to handle this bombshell, a rescue of Prince Garrett is finally happening.  As Kian is trying to sort out his life, his feelings for Savvy, and having his twin back, he has some real soul searching to do.  It was a long and emotional road for Kian to find his happy ending, but the ending was so worth it!

I just adored Savvy.  She was such a strong female character, knowing what she wanted and didn't want in her life.  I really loved Kian too!  He went from this fun, sexy playboy, to a man so totally in love!  Read this book...you will not regret it!