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Rock Me - Carly Phillips

Ben Hollander works as a body guard at Alpha Security and loves his job.  He was very lucky when Dan Wilson hired him after he was fired from his last job four years ago when he got involved with a contest on the reality show he was working security for.  He was in love with contestant Summer Michelle and was shocked and hurt when she reported him.  Imagine his shock four years later when his next assignment is none other than guarding Summer Michelle 24/7!  Ben really does not want this assignment, but he is the only body guard available and reluctantly agrees.

When Ben and Summer meet up, it's very obvious that their sexual chemistry is still loud and present.  Ben tries to keep his job professional and keep his hands off of Summer but of course that doesn't last long.  When the threat on Summer's life escalates, Ben is more than determined to keep her safe.

The more time these two spent together, the more they start opening up to each other and start to realize a few things.  It was fun watching these two find their way back to each other.  I really loved Ben.  He was just the total alpha package!  Summer was sweet and determined to be a pop star and was just really looking for someone to love her.  Overall this was a great start to a new series by Carly Phillips.  I'm really looking forward to Austin's story in Tempt Me.