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Love Me If You Dare - Carly Phillips

Rafe Mancuso and Sara Rios used to be partners for the NYPD.  Rafe was engaged at the time but was drawn to Sara so he switched jobs not be tempted.  Now both of them are single and Sara asked Rafe if he was interested in working security for The Lancaster Foundation's fundraiser where they would be auctioning off jewelry for their cause.  What they both thought would be an easy night, turns into mayhem when Rafe takes a bullet meant for Sara.  This earns Rafe the title of New York City's most eligible bachelor.  Trying to escape the craziness, Rafe heads to his other house in Hidden Falls, NY, where he grew up.  Back in New York City, Sara is being threatened because she is a key witness in a murder trial.  To escape the threats, Sara heads to Hidden Falls with the hope of staying with Rafe for awhile until the trial starts.

With both of these two living in the same house, things quickly turn romantic.  Rafe realizes he wants a real relationship with Sara, unfortunately Sara only wants a friends-with-benefits type relationship.  As they spend more and more time together, Sara realizes that she really likes Rafe's big, large, crazy family and maybe being in a real relationship might not be so bad.  Too quickly Sara is spooked and runs away just as dangerous situations are closing in on them.  It takes a lot of soul searching for Sara to realize what she really wants in life, but eventually she decides to take the leap.

Both of these characters were fun and quirky.  Their love story with a little of bit of a mystery thrown in was fun and entertaining.  I just adored Rafe's entire extended family!  Gotta love big Italian families!  Overall, this was a fun story to read.