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Vigor: A Spartan Riders Novel - J.C. Valentine, M. Carroll

This is the 3rd book in the Spartan Riders series by J.C. Valentine and it is Garrick "Repo" Stone's story.

Repo is the last original standing member, and VP of the Spartan Riders Motorcycle Club.  At 42 years old, Repo is ready to settle down and take on an ol' lady and he has his sights set on Ginger "Red" Mercury, bartender at the club's compound.  Repo first met Red when she was barely out of high school and they ended up hooking up.  Both of them are now divorced and Repo is looking to change that.  Repo made it known to the club that Red is his and it's hands off for anyone else.

Red, being a very head strong female goes nuts when she finds out about Repo's claim to her.  She does not want to be someone's property and fights against Repo's wishes every step of the way.  When something happens to Repo that ends him up in the hospital, Red has a change of heart.  Funny how a near death experience can change someone's attitude.  While nursing Repo back to health, things start to become more serious between them.  Just when it looks like these two will get their happy ending, Repo opens his mouth and Red goes running.  Of course this is at the same time when the things with the cartel start heating up again and then everything explodes.  It takes a lot to finally get their happy ending.

Overall, I really enjoyed this story.  The characters were both fun and had such great banter.  Repo has such a dirty mouth on him! ;)  I'm glad these two finally got together as the Spartans and the cartel are heading into a war.