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That Thing You Do - Kayti McGee

Greta and her two best friends, Amy and Summer make a pact when they were 15....no one can get married to a guy unless the other two both give their approval!  Fast forward 11 years and her friends are making another pact....two of the friends will pick the guy for the other girl to date.
At Greta sister's Angie's wedding, Greta is drowning her sorrows with her two best friends when she notices the cute DJ, Jon.  Ends up he is good friends with the groom.  Also great is that the DJ had already noticed her!  Summer and Amy decide the hot DJ is who Greta has to date!  Greta's on the floor dancing and keeping Jon amused.  Just when he thinks Greta is going to approach him, she takes off.  He asks the bride and groom who that bridesmaid was.  Angie explains it is her sister, and good luck with that.  A small bet ensues and now Jon is up for the challenge.  He meets up with Greta in the coat room with a fun exchange and she ends up with his coat and phone number.

Greta wants to pretend to date Jon to appease her friends, but he really wants to date her so they agree for every pretend date that Greta sets up, Jon will set up a real date.  Oh, was this fun.  Greta kept picking things that she thought would scar off Jon (think Harry Potter!), while Jon picked things that would reel Greta in closer.  It was so enjoyable to watch these two pretend date/really date.  Of course, as things started to get serious, Greta freaked out.  Jon realized that he needed to do something dramatic with Greta to really get her attention....and boy did he.

I really enjoyed both of these characters.  Jon was so dreamy and add in that British accent and SWOON!  Greta just wanted to be loved but was so afraid to try.  Add in Greta's two crazy friends, along with Mina, the tween that Greta was a nanny for for and it makes for a great, enjoyable story.  Be warned, you will laugh and cry during this one.  It really tugged at my heart strings.