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Arm Candy (Real Love) - Jessica Lemmon

We met Davis Price in Eye Candy.  He is Vince's best friend.  Davis shows up at almost every day at McGreevy's Pub in a suit, drinks his Samuel Adams, while watching the news on TV.  He spends most of his time flirting and dating any prim and proper blonde he can find.  Davis also enjoys his fun and flirty banter with the bartender, Grace Buchanan.  Problem is Grace is a redhead so she knows that Davis really isn't into her...too bad...because she is really into him.

Grace is not Davis' usual type.  Grace is loud and opinionated with a few tattoos peeking out from places but for some reason he is just drawn to her.  Too bad he has sworn off redheads since the number Hannah did on him.  After a fun round of bantering and a spoken bet, Davis has an actual date with Grace.  Surprising to both of them, they actually really like each other and realize that neither of them is what they thought each other was really like.  What starts as a series of only 3 dates, quickly turns into something more.  Both Grace and Davis have things from their pasts that make them not want to take that next step in their relationship.  It was a tough and emotional road these two had to take to get their happy ending, but it was so worth it.  I just adored Davis.  He acted like he was so sure of himself all the time, but deep down he had some parts that were not so strong.  I really liked Grace too.  Based on things from her past, all she really wanted was for someone to love her unconditionally and always be there for her.  They both just got each other and together they were finally whole.