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Damage Control - Lisa Renee Jones

This book picks up right where Hard Rules left off.  Shane has confronted Emily about who she really is.  

Emily is afraid that whoever is looking for her is going to find Shane and hurt him and since she has fallen in love with him, she knows she must leave him so he doesn't get harmed.  Too bad Shane is not going to let her go.  After a mad search, Shane finally finds Emily and convinces her that they belong together and he is not letting her go.  After some poking and prodding, Emily finally lets Shane know all her secrets....and compared to his, they are not so bad!  LOL

The Brandon family is still up to all the games they keep playing with each other.  It is crazy how people in the same family treat each other!  While Shane is trying to get the family business to be 100% legit, his brother Derek is too busy trying to bring in the Martina Cartel.  Throw in both of Shane's parents games and this is one crazy ride.  Shane is starting to realize that he needs to start playing the game a little dirtier and I can't wait to see where this will lead!