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Leader of the Pack - Roxanne St. Claire

At almost 40 years old, Liam Kilcannon is the oldest child of Daniel Kilcannon.  Liam is a former marine who now handles the K-9 training of the dogs at Waterford Farm, along with the elite schutzhund training.  The family has always joked that Liam likes dogs better than people!  Liam doesn't show much emotions and the one time he let his walls down and thought he found "the one", his heart was crushed into a million pieces when she left him for the father of her son who recently showed back up.

Andi Rivers was falling in love with Liam when all of a sudden Jeff Scott, the father of her son, came back into their lives wanting to be a father.  Even though Andi was never in love with Jeff, she decided to give him a chance.  Now it has been two years since Jeff was killed in a car accident and Andi has her sights on Liam.  Being a single, working mom, Andi is just looking for some "fun" time, but when Liam realizes that is all that Andi wants he turns her down because he really wants more....MUCH more.  Andi's afraid to bring another man into her 6 year old son Christian's life because he was so affected when he lost his father that she couldn't bear her son going through that hurt again.

When someone breaks into Andi's house, Daniel Kilcannon "Dogfather's" his way into getting Liam to convince Andi that she needs a dog for protection.  Liam's current trainee, Jag would be perfect.  Jag hasn't quite reached full schutzhund level training but he is close and he would be perfect for the job.  When an estranged relative shows up, informing Andi that Christian will be inheriting 6 million dollars because Jeff's mother has passed away, the relative also informs Andi that she will be fighting for adoption of the child.  This bit of news spooks Andi to the point that she looks to Liam for help.  This is where the fun begins!!!!!

The entire Kilcannon group bands together in their over-the-top, laugh out loud ways and by the end of their plan, it looks like Andi and Liam are going to get married because it would help the adoption case.  Of course, Liam would do anything for Andi, even going so far as to pretend to be in love wanting to quickly get married.  As Liam and Andi start to spend more time together, the pretending doesn't seem so hard anymore.  When danger starts lurking around Andi's house, Liam and Jag are at the ready.  It was really interesting to see how these types of dogs are trained to behave.  After a great "didn't see that one coming" reveal, all hell breaks loose.  

This was such a great romance of second chances with a really great little mystery added in.  I really liked Andi.  She was such a hard working, single mom that you just couldn't help but wish that her and Liam get back together.  And I really just adored Liam.  He was one of these quiet, silent types who you think really don't have many emotions, but you quickly realize that he is just exploding with emotions.  The scene with his dad in his dad's bedroom was sooooo emotional and I just loved it.  Overall another awesome story with such a great, fun family!