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Stubborn as a Mule (The Sex and Sweet Tea Series Book 2) - Juliette Poe

I am just loving these fun, sweet stories from Juliette Poe (Sawyer Bennett).  This fun and lively Mancinkus family just keeps on providing such great entertainment!

We met Lowe Mancinkus in Trixie's story.  Lowe is not happy the family's Mainer House has been sold to some "Yankee" who buys and flips homes and he wants to make life as hard as possible for this woman.  Lowe has already boarded up the doors and windows and then sat on her porch with a gun, but now he has painted all the trim work in neon pink!  This last act has landed him in front of Judge Winston Edward Bowe again because "the woman", Melinda Rothschild has pressed charges.  After Lowe is ordered to fix what he has done, to the agreement of Melinda "Mely", all hell breaks loose.  Mely isn't happy to have to deal with Lowe and by the time they leave the courtroom, Lowe has to spend 250 hours doing work on Mely's house!

Oh, it is obvious from day 1 that these two are made for each other.  They both have that fighting streak in them.  I just adored the things these two did to piss each other off.  Of course, this ended up such great chemistry!  As Lowe and Mely spend more time together, they start to realize that they both jumped to wrong conclusions about the other and they both start developing feelings for each other.

I really enjoyed how this story was told through town gossip.  It made for some funny scenes.  And I just LOVED Morri!  He was too funny for words.  The pranks that Lowe and Morri played on each other were priceless.  

Slowly over time, Lowe and Mely started to fall hard.  Lowe was such a sweet, southern gentleman and you couldn't help but fall for him.  I just adored the way Mely felt about Lowe's family....it was something she really seemed to long for in her life.

I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised with what happened with those two and how they go to their happy ending.  Never even saw that coming!

Overall, this was a wonderful story, with such great characters.