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Jilted: A Love Hurts Novel - Sawyer Bennett

Eden Goodnight and Cooper Mayfield were high school and college sweethearts.  In a strange turn of events, Eden is discovered one day by a big time modeling agency and her life takes a dramatic turn.  Instead of graduating from college, marrying Coop and then having his babies, Eden's new life takes her away from her home town of Newberry, GA and into a life of glitz and glamour where modeling eventually turns into acting.  

Flash forward 14 years and Eden is walking the red carpet with her fiance, Brad, when a bomb is dropped...Brad is cheating on her with his leading lady.  Feeling humiliated, Eden flees the scene and quickly decides to hide out in the only place no one would ever think to look...Newberry, GA...at her childhood home that she inherited from her Grandmother.  Imagine Eden's surprise when she realizes that Coop lives in the house when her grandmother left him half the house too.  From there the fun begins.  The things these two did to each other in the beginning was hysterical....I just kept laughing out loud!

After a while, Eden and Coop get back to being civil towards each other and that's when left over feelings start to emerge.  The two of them come to an agreement  while Eden is still in town and quickly they start to realize that those feelings from 14 years ago have not gone away.  It was a fun and entertaining trip these two went on to get to their happy ending, but it sure was worth it.

I really loved both of these characters.  They were fun and real and their story was perfect!