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Three Weeks with a Princess - Vanessa Kelly

I just adore this series!  How can you not love Improper Princesses!  

In this story, Lia Kincaid is the illegitimate daughter of the Duke of York.  The females in her family also tend to be on the notorious side.  Lia's grandmother, a former courtesan, was the mistress to the Marquess of Lendale until his death and had raised her while living on the Marquess' property.  From an early age, Lia was befriended by Jack Easton, nephew to the Marquess, who will now become the next Marquess since Jack's father has passed away.  Lia has always been in love with Jack even though she knows they could never be together because of her family's notorious history.

When Jack becomes the Marquess, he realizes that between his father and uncle, they have left the estate with financial issues.  Jack sees Lia for the first time since being back and he can't believe how much she has changed....no longer is she a young girl...she's now a full woman!  As Jack begins to tell Lia and her grandmother that he plans to still take care of them, Lia starts to realize that her and her grandmother must leave and she will now have to find some way to provide for them.

Lia either needs to find a protector, become a courtesan, or be an actress like her mother.  It was rather enjoyable watching Lia try to reconcile these options while Jack was around.  Lia kept trying to explain to Jack that he needed to find a wealthy woman to marry who would help with the money problems.  Too bad Jack was starting to realize he really wanted Lia instead.

I just loved the story these two went through until they realized that they truly belonged together.  I really enjoyed the new family members that were now in Lia's world, especially Gillian...she is such a hoot!  Glad to see she hasn't lost any of her spunk since her story!  This wonderful story has some great emotions throughout it as well as some great romantic scenes between Lia and Jack.  Overall, this is a wonderful book that I highly recommend!