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Mr. Rich - Virna DePaul

Mr. Rich was a fun and entertaining story that had some good, laugh out loud moments (like the first page!!!!).  Julia Rominger used to be in college, as a music major, and was close to graduating when her professor hit on her and when she refused his advances, he made her life miserable so she quit.  Now, she works at a grocery store giving out free samples and not enjoying her life.  At least her best friend Kevin keeps her entertained!  

When Bastian Rich, the drop dead, gorgeous guy Julia has seen a few times comes walking in, Julia and Kevin are both smitten!  Too bad this guy is out of both of their leagues.  Imagine her surprise when he comes up and starts talking to her!  When she goes in the back to get him more samples, Julia comes back to find him passed out on the ground.  She contacts 9-1-1 and then takes his wallet out to find out who he is.  In the commotion of everything she realizes she never gave him his wallet back.  She tries to follow him to the hospital but her car ends up dying on her.  Julia eventually tracks him down to his office, where she ends up meeting Ryland Masters, an up-and-coming musician and rock star and the two of them hit it off because of their love of music.  Bastian  is intrigued by Julia and is not happy to see her with Ryland.  This confrontation was wonderful!  Loved Julia's speech! ;)

When things with Bastian cool off, Julia reevaluates going back to school to finish her degree.  It takes a while but Julia and Bastian finally end up together, even as hard as Bastian tried to push her away because of his secret.  These two finally get their happy ending and realize that being together is better than being apart.

I really enjoyed these characters...they were a lot of fun.  There were some parts that I thought didn't flow all that well, but overall I did enjoy this story.