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Lucky Break - Carly Phillips

The third story is Jason Corwin and Lauren Perkin's story.  That's right...a Corwin and a Perkin's together!!!!

Jason Corwin's life is falling apart.  He was training for the Olympics in snowboarding when he failed his drug test.  Jason had never taken drugs and realized he was set up by the girl he was dating.  Turns out she was actually with Jason's biggest competition and they set him up.  Now back in Stewart, MA, Jason opened up his own construction company and trying to stay out of the limelight.  

Lauren Perkin's is in town to fix up her Aunt Mary's house to sell it and then she's off to Paris because her designs are finally being shown on the runway!  She is also trying to help her sister, Beth, who is in a psych ward because of the fire she created last year.  The last thing she wants is to run into Jason.  She hasn't seen him since they were teenagers and had shared a wonderful summer together up until her Aunt sent her away....but it would be fun to see him from a distance.

When Clara, Uncle Edward's girlfriend reads Jason's tarot cards, she tells him that a lady with a red mask is going to rock his world.  Imagine his surprise when he sees Lauren Perkins' at the fall festival, in a red mask!  When Lauren approaches him, she doesn't tell him who she is and he plays along.  I loved when they snuck off together to the barn.....that was fun.  

When Jason helps his cause to be the person to fix up her Aunt's house, Lauren isn't happy but finally accepts...with the promise that it is all business.  Of course that didn't last too long! ;)  As they work on the house, strange things keep happening causing Lauren to need Jason even more.  Together Lauren and Jason work to figure out who is causing all of their problems and end up with a big surprise.  I enjoyed the way these two worked through their problems to finally get to their happy ending.  I loved what happened regarding the curse too!  Overall it made for a fun, crazy, suspenseful story.