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Lucky Streak - Carly Phillips

The second book in this series is Mike Corwin and Amber Brennan's story.  

Amber spent most of her life watching her father pull off con jobs, until she decided to move to California to start her own, legal life where she worked as a hotel concierge.   When her father develops Alzheimer's rather quickly she needs to quit her job and go back to working that lifestyle with her dad's partner, Marshall, to earn some quick money for his care.  After Amber earns what she needs, she tells Marshall she is done.  Problem is Marshall isn't done with her.  He needs her perfect memory to help him get more money that he owes someone else and starts to grab her in the middle of a casino.

Mike is a cop in Boston, MA and is in Las Vegas, NV for his partner's bachelor party.  While he is there he happens upon a female who is being grabbed a little rough by some guy and comes to her rescue.  Mike and Amber end up hanging out together for the rest of the night and have a great time.  So much that they end up married and winning $100,000.  Mike thinks since he just met Amber, and he isn't in love with her, this marriage might just work and he won't invoke the Corwin curse.  Problem is he wakes up in the morning and his bride and his money is gone.

Mike heads back to Boston and a few days later Amber shows up and then the real fun begins.  Mike is determined to ignore her while Amber is determine to get him to forgive her for what happened.  When the entire story unfolds, Mike agrees to help Amber and then they will get divorced.  Of course nothing happens as planned.

I just adored these two.  They were my favorite couple in this series.  They were opposites in many ways but they just worked.  I loved their happy ending and really enjoyed re-reading this story.