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Lucky Charm - Carly Phillips

Carly Phillips has re-released an older series of hers after updating some things in the stories to reflect current times.  I read these when they were first released and it was fun revisiting them again.

The first book is Derek Corwin and Gabrielle Donovan's story.  Derek's family has been cursed since the late nineteenth century by Mary Perkins, who was a witch.  Ever since then, every male Corwin that fell in love was destined to lose his love and his fortune.  When Derek knew he was falling in love with Gabrielle in high school, he broke things off with her just before college because he couldn't bear the thought of losing her permanently.  Crushed, Gabrielle tried to move on with her life.  Now, 14 years later she is back in her old hometown, ready to prove to Derek that this curse isn't real, and get her man back.

Derek recently came back to town after his divorce, and the tanking of his job.  For now he has his 11 year old daughter, Holly with him since his ex, Marlene, just got remarried and was on her one month honeymoon.  When Holly runs into Gabrielle at the store, they quickly become friends unbeknownst to Derek.  When Derek happens upon them, he is surprised to see Gabrielle and then even more surprised when Holly gets him to go listen to Gabrielle speak at the library about curses and how they are not real.  Derek and Gabrielle start spending more time together and quickly go back to where they used to be.  While Gabrielle is trying to convince Derek there is no curse, weird things start happening to her.  Everyone has to come together to help figure out what is really happening.

I really enjoyed these two.  They both still really loved only each other and they really needed their happy ending.  I loved the crazy Corwin family along with Fred the dog.  This story has a few good laugh out loud moments.  Overall, it was a fun book to revisit.