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Wicked Favor: The Wicked Horse Vegas - Sawyer Bennett

This new series is a spin off from Sawyer Bennett's Wicked Horse series.  A Wicked Horse has opened up in Las Vegas, Nevada and Jerico Jameson owns it along with Bridger Payne.  Because of something that happened in Jerico's past, he likes owning a sex club where he can do as he pleases and even has a different woman every night.  No more settling down with one woman...at least not since his ex-fiance.  Of course, that is not how life works....and Trista Barnes comes crashing into his world.

Trista needs money and she needs it fast.  Her lowlife brother, Jayce, suggested she go to Jerico to borrow it because Jerico owes Jayce a debt and now he wants to collect.  Jerico is intrigued by Trista and agrees to an arrangement that will satisfy all of them.  He will give Trista part of the money up front and then she can spend the next 30 days working at The Wicked Horse Vegas paying off the rest of her debt and then they will all be even.  Reluctantly, Trista agrees and that's when the fun begins.  Jerico can tell she is intrigued by what happens in the club and he would love to be the person to intimately show her the details....as well as exacting revenge on Jayce for he did years ago.

As Trista and Jerico spend more time together, things start to feel different to both of them.  Jerico isn't sure what the heck is happening, but he finds he doesn't want to be with any other woman except for Trista...could he be changing his toon...naw...he still has to exact his revenge.

When Jerico finally realizes Trista is more important to him than exacting revenge, he decides not to follow through with his plan but it all ends up blowing up in his face and fate has dealt him a different hand.  Now, he just needs to see if he can change fate before it's too late.

I just adored Trista and Jerico.  Trista was such a genuinely nice person, who really was starting to embrace things that she never really knew she would want.  She was also fiercely strong and independent and didn't take any crap from Jerico or anyone else.  Jerico was the great sexy, alpha male who really was a teddy bear inside once you knew him.  It just took a little to get that side of him to show.  I also really loved Jerico's best friend Kynan and sure hope he will get his own story! ;)