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Down & Dirty - Tracy Wolff

Man, I loved this book! I just adored the heroine, Emerson Day. She is funny, quirky and doesn't take crap from anyone! She is also smart and sensible. On Emerson's first day of work at her new job as a real estate agent, everything that can go wrong, does...car breaks...Uber late...and it's raining. Finally getting to work by Uber, Emerson steps out of the car on to the curb. A huge, black truck quickly pulls into the spot the Uber was just in and sprays a water puddle all over Emerson....and this is where the fun begins! Enter Hunter Browning....gorgeous, cocky quarterback for the San Diego Lightning and driver of said truck. As Emerson is giving Hunter a piece of her mind, Hunter is really enjoying the sight of her in her white, wet blouse....and really enjoying her smart mouth!

Imagine Hunter's surprise when he finds out that Emerson works at the same company that is trying to find him a house. Instead of having to deal with the handsy owner, Kerry, Hunter insists that Emerson helps him. Wow....these two just exploded with the amount of electricity they were producing! Between Emerson's smart mouth and Hunter's cocky attitude, it was just a matter of time when these two would combust.

I loved watching Emerson realize that there is more to Hunter than what he lets people see....especially the whole story line involving his sister and her two kids. I also enjoyed how Hunter was able to bring more life into Emerson's world. The story line these two went through to get to their happy ending was filled with so much emotions....I was laughing, crying and even swooning at times. Overall this was an awesome story, which such fantastic characters and I couldn't recommend it more!