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A Counterfeit Heart (Secrets & Spies #3) - K.C. Bateman

It is hard to believe this is only the third book released by this author....she is that good!  K. C. Bateman develops such wonderful characters and creates such a fun, beautiful romance that entwines itself with events that had really happened in history that you feel like you are living in that moment.

In this story, the heroine, Sabine de la Tour is leading a double life in France.  To most people, she works in a print shop, but her best friend, Anton Carnaud, also knows that she is the mysterious Phillipe Lacorte, the notorious French counterfeiter.  As one of the best counterfeiters in the world, Sabine can forge passports, official documents and even produce currency.  Problem is, is that Sabine tends to be too honest and doesn't want to help the really bad people....which is why her and Anton are on the run trying to get to England so Anton can escape to America.  Sabine needs to get some authentic money quickly to help Anton escape and has come up with a plan to do it....she just needs to expose herself to Richard Hampden, Viscount Lovell, the spy who has been trying to catch her alter ego.  

The first meeting between Sabine and Richard was priceless.  There is nothing better than a female who is both smart and sassy especially when standing up to an arrogant male like Richard.  Such great laugh out loud parts to the story!  Of course it doesn't hurt when the chemistry between Sabine and Richard is off the charts!  They both know that they cannot trust the other, but that can't stop their growing lust!  When Richard finally accepts that Sabine is Phillipe Lacorte and agrees to do business with her in exchange for the money she needs, Sabine thinks she has the upper hand.  Too bad Richard throws a wrench in her plans by forcing her to stay with him in his house.  

I just adored these two.  It was obvious these two would end up together and when they did, it was explosive.  I really enjoyed the plan of Richard's that Sabine had to help with. It was fun watching them have to work together to get to the same end result.  And their final happy ending was just perfect for them!  Overall, this was a fantastic story, with such wonderful characters and I just couldn't put it down.