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Shacking Up - Helena Hunting

This is the first book by Helena Hunting I have read, and I've got to say I loved it!  Such great characters and a laugh out loud entertaining story!  I will certainly read more from this author.

Ruby Scott is having a hard time making it on her own as an actress and dancer but the last thing she wants to do is leave New York City and go back home to Connecticut to work for daddy at his pharmaceutical company.  Ruby is hoping for her big break at her audition the next day because she really needs the money.  For now, Ruby is at her best friend, Amalie "Amie", engagement party and at least is getting to eat some real food instead of the ramen noodles she has been living on.  Ruby decides to head home, stopping at the restroom first.  On her way out, she runs into a nicely dressed, huge, sexy guy and almost falls over.  He thinks she is his date coming on to him and starts kissing her and Ruby ends up kissing him right back.  When said date shows up things go to hell.  Ruby finally leaves, gets home and falls asleep thinking of Awesome Kisser.  The next day Ruby wakes up not feeling too well....and tanks the audition in a unique way!  She also finds out she is being evicted from her apartment because daddy stopped paying the rent!  Amie stops by after Ruby is feeling better and convinces her to come to dinner with her.  She is meeting her fiance, Armstrong and his cousin, Bane.  Amie explains that Bane is leaving the country for a few weeks and needs someone to help take care of his two pets and that maybe Ruby can just stay at his place while he is gone.  Imagine Ruby's surprise when Bane is actually Awesome Kisser!

When Bane hears the story about how he ruined Ruby's audition, he agrees to let her stay at his place while he is gone since he feels guilty.  Two days later Ruby packs up her apartment and moves in....now the fun can begin!  These two are still very attracted to each other but since Bane is leaving, they don't act on it....but the verbal sparring is great!  

Bane leaves the country and these two continue their sparring through texting.  This quickly changes to phone calls and then video chatting.  Over the course of next 5 weeks these two spend most of their free time talking and getting to know each other.  As the days go by, their feelings are becoming more intense.  I just adored the relationship these two were forming just based on phone calls.  It was fun watching their feelings change.  The way Ruby was with Francesca and Tiny was great!  I loved how fun it all was.  Bane is getting anxious to get back home to spend some quality time with Ruby, while Ruby knows she needs to find some type of job so she can move out of Bane's place by the time he gets back.  Ruby finds a job, but doesn't admit to Bane what type of job it really is.  By the time Bane gets back, the sexual tension between these two is about to explode.  I really liked these two together.  I loved the part where Bane found out where Ruby was actually working!  It was great watching these two slowly build up being a real couple, and having to deal with some real issues and I just loved how their happy ending came to be.