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New Leash on Life - Roxanne St. Claire

Chloe Somerset has come to Bitter Bark, NC at the request of her Aunt Blanche, who is the mayor of the town. She has asked Chloe to come up with something that would make Bitter Bark a fun and new travel destination. After Chloe's first meeting she walks around the town trying to get ideas and stops in at the Bitter Bark Bar. There she meets Shane, a dirty, attractive man that she ends up kissing and feeling more sparks than she thought she would! After the way Chloe's mom was, she does not like anything dirty! I just loved Chloe and Shane's banter back and forth. It made for some great humor and sizzling attraction. What Chloe didn't realize is that Shane is a Kilcannon, one of the family members that run Waterford Farm. After talking with Shane, Chloe has an idea to change the name of the town to Better Bark and make it the first dog friendly town that families could travel to where they are encouraged to bring their pet!

Shane doesn't know what hit him, but he is interested in Chloe....problem is he doesn't know where she is from or where she lives. By a luck of fate, Shane figures it out and volunteers to take his dad's place on the committee who will vote on Chloe's idea. After meeting up with Chloe again, Shane realizes that she is not a fan of dogs....and that is a red flag in Shane's world. After some prodding, Shane gets Chloe to keep a friend's dog, Daisy, for a few weeks....but it's not just any dog...it's a pitbull which Chloe isn't too thrilled about, but ends up agreeing to it.

Since Shane wants to spend time with Chloe, he agrees to help her with her plan to convince the town that they should change the name to Better Bark. Of course in true Roxanne St. Claire style, this is not an easy task. There are hurdles Chloe needs to overcome every step of the way, but Shane is there all to willing to help! When it becomes obvious that someone is sabotaging their efforts, Chloe and Shane have to really step up the battle. I just loved interactions with Chloe, Shane, Daisy and the rest of the town. It was fun seeing Chloe slowly change into actually liking a dog. The final confrontation was fun and interesting and really kept me guessing as to who the culprit was...and the happy ending between Shane and Chloe was just perfect! Loved it!

Overall, I really enjoyed these characters and the path they went on to get to their happy ending. It was a fun ride all the way to the end!