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Going In Deep - Carly Phillips

Well we met Julian Dane in Going Down Easy when he played games with Kendall Parker to get back at his one time partner, Kaden Barnes, who is in a relationship with Kendall's twin sister, Lexi.  I would NEVER have thought that Carly Phillips' would be able to redeem Julian after all the crap he pulled but I actually did end up liking Julian and even rooting for him to win Kendall back.

Shortly after Julian hurt Kendall, he realized what a horrible thing he did and tried everything to get her to talk to him.  Finally, 9 months later he gets to talk to her after finding out that she works at For Paws, a not-for-profit animal shelter in Midtown Manhattan.  Their first meeting didn't go exactly as Julian was hoping, but he wasn't giving up.  I really loved how Julian owned up to his hurtful actions and when he finally explained to Kendall all the reasons behind his behavior, I actually started to feel sorry for him.  It seems there really is a nice guy deep down inside of Julian.

I really enjoyed how these two people, both with some major issues, really worked through their problems and eventually came together.  It had to be so thrilling for Kendall to stand on her own two feet and take back complete control of her life.  It was also hard for Lexi to have to give up that control that she has had for so long looking after her twin and letting Kendall live her own life.  I really loved the heartbreaking story these two had to go through to get their happy ending.  It was so emotional as times but well worth it to be finally at peace with their lives.  I also just adored Steve and Waffles....these two sounded so fun to be around!