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Sex in the Sticks: A Love Hurts Novel - Sawyer Bennett
OK...after reading this book I am even more excited that I am actually going to Alaska in 2018!

Valentine French comes from a family of money....a LOT of money. She had to get a college degree in order to get her trust fund, but since then she has never really worked...she has just run a dating blog, much to the chagrin of her upper crust parents...and let's just say that if Val can rile her parents by what she puts on her blog, all the better. The only person who understands her is her cousin Jeremy. Val is tired of all the metro sexual guys that she has gone on dates with in New York City. They all seem more into themselves than her. When she's complaining to Jeremy about these dates, he suggests she go some place totally different than NYC and try dating the guys there....it would certainly make for some great blogs! Jeremy suggests Alaska. He was there a year ago for a bachelor party and he can attest that the guys there are nothing like NYC guys. Val lets Jeremy set up her reservations and she heads to Alaska.

OMG! Imagine a NYC socialite in rugged Alaska. The scene where Val gets off the boat in Alaska was laugh out loud funny. Right away Val is helped by the city's mayor, Logan Burke and she is instantly attracted. Too bad he doesn't seem to return the attraction, but he does end up driving her to where she is staying...and it's not a 5 star hotel like she expecting.

I just loved watching Val try to navigate to the ways of Alaska. It was a hoot watching all these guys fall over backwards for Val....everyone but Logan. It was fun how Logan always seemed to "pop" up just when Val needed him. These two were explosive together. They had such a fun time hanging out together and it was great watching their feelings change. I just LOVED this book. It made me laugh and swoon. And I really enjoyed the path the Val and Logan had to take to get their happy ending! It was just perfect! Great start to a new series!