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Sit...Stay...Beg - Roxanne St. Claire

Roxanne St. Claire has started a new series and this is book 1. The entire series will revolve around the Kilcannon family. Daniel Kilcannon is morning the loss of his wife Annie and wishing that his 6 adult children could find the same type of perfect love he did. While he is enjoying everyone being home for the funeral, he wishes they all lived back in Bitter Bark, North Carolina. Daniel's 83 year old mother, Gramma Finnie, tells her son to give the kids a reason to "come home". Daniel is a veterinarian and has always loved dogs. Even his family and friends call him The Dogfather! Then an idea hits him...what if he turned part of his 100 acres of Waterford Farm into a world class dog training and rescue facility and have each of his kids own a part of the company and help run the facility! Of course all the kids love the idea and finally come back home.

Garrett used to be on the west coast where he developed an app for posting pictures of your animals that caught on very fast. After selling his company and their app, Garrett is more than set for life and he jumps at the chance to come back to Bitter Bark where he can get away from the media that have made his life a nightmare. Garrett refuses to discuss what happened so imagine his surprise when little Jessie Curtis shows up at the farm wanting to interview him for her job at Inside the A List and his father is encouraging it! Jessie was best friends with Garrett's younger sister, Molly, and always had a huge crush on Garrett. She even let him feel her up in the barn when she was 15!

After Garrett reluctantly agrees that's when things get fun! Jessie gets to spend time with Garrett and is slowly getting him to open up even against his own plans! I just adored their time together. The chemistry these two had was sizzling...guess things do get better with age! ;) Throw in Garrett's big and crazy family, a certain dog named Lola (who actually stole the show and made me cry for her) and these two reluctant characters who have both been searching for something permanent in their lives and you have one awesome story! I just loved their happy ending....so perfect!

Great start to such a fun family! I can't wait to read each of the Kilcannon's stories!