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Ain't He Precious? (The Sex and Sweet Tea Series Book 1) - Juliette Poe

This is a new series by Sawyer Bennett's alter ego, Juliette Poe.  This is the first book in her new series Sex and Sweet Tea.

Trixie Mancinkus is from North Carolina and is a sweet, southern type of girl from the town of Whynot.  Trixie ended up going to Harvard and became a lawyer.  While in law school Trixie met Ryland Powers and the two quickly became serious for three years. They made plans to get jobs in Boston and still be together.  Just before graduation, Trixie tells Ryland that she can't stay in Boston and that she is moving back to Whynot, NC and she wants him to go with her.  Ry is conflicted but ends up staying in Boston and they break up.

Fast forward 11 years....Trixie has called Ry out of the blue because she needs help on a case and now that he is a big time lawyer she thinks just having him on the case will help her client.  Ry agrees and flies down to Whynot for the first time ever.  Let's just say that Boston and Whynot are polar opposites.  I just adored how Ry looked at how different life was in the south.  It made him realize that maybe he was missing out on something....a life.  Of course seeing Trixie again was just icing on the cake.  All those old feelings came back quickly.

I loved watching these two rekindle what they had.  It was so sweet and romantic.  I just adored Trixie's family.....they are a hoot...especially Pap!  I really enjoyed the path these two had to take to get back together.  If you are looking for a sweet fun story...give this one a try!  Great start to this new series!