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Faking It - Carly Phillips, Erika Wilde

I just devoured this book. I started it around 11:00 am and finished it at 11:00 pm the same day.....I loved it! In the book Big Shot, we met Max Sterling.....he is Wes Sinclair's business partner. Max is also a confirmed bachelor. Sure someday he'd like the whole family, house and kids stuff but for now he is content with his life, at least until Hailey Ellison walks into it.

Hailey is looking for a high end building for her matchmaking company. She is very picky and has a list of certain criteria that are a must. Too bad she's engaged based on the diamond on her left hand and Max doesn't mess with women who are taken....no matter how much they turn him on.

After three months of looking, Max has found Hailey the perfect building. When they go to lunch to celebrate they run into one of Hailey's clients who believes that Max is Hailey's fiance....unbeknownst to him! That's when the fun begins! When Max realizes that Hailey is not engaged and not even dating anyone he has made it his mission to make Hailey his.

I just adored Max and Hailey. What started out as a pretend engagement quickly changes into something real for both of them. Since Hailey has some skeletons in her closet, she doesn't believe that Max could really be that into her and she thinks that he is just putting on a great show. Max starts to realize that Hailey has some insecurities and he is trying really hard to reverse them.

These two had a fun ride to get to their happy ending....Max's well off family....Max's crazy ex that he only dated 3 times...as well as all of Max's friends and Hailey's best friend. This was a wonderful story that I highly recommend!