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Hot Property - Carly Phillips

This is the 4th book in the Hot Zone series but it can be read stand alone.  

In this book we finally get to see who John Roper, center fielder for the New York Renegades, and Micki Jordan's best friend will end up with.  In Hot Item we met Amy Stone.  She is Spencer Atkins niece.  Amy and John seemed to be hitting it off good at Sophie and Riley's wedding until John's date intruded.  Amy deciding she needed a big change in her life decides to move to New York and be a PR agent for the Hot Zone.

As Amy is settling in she is finally given her first client....John Roper!  John is coming off of crappy World Series game where he was also injured but instead of concentrating on himself getting better, he is being pulled in many directions by his own family.  After John is shocked to see Amy in New York, Amy explains to him that he needs to stop caving in to his family and start working on himself.  At the same time John wants to work on Amy! ;)

When John doesn't tell his family that he can't be in the middle of every issue they have, Amy takes drastic measures and kidnaps John away to Brandon Vaughn's lodge in upstate New York without letting his family know where they are.  I loved how Amy got rid of John's phone...priceless!

As the two of them are at the lodge, that's when the fireworks finally explode.  Amy is used to being the good girl and has to work hard to curb her wild tendencies.  John tends to go with the flow and just have fun.  Together they balance each other out very well.  I just adored the things John would do with Amy.  These two really meshed well together.  

Add in both of their crazy families....Amy's mom was once arrested for indecent exposure along with her aunt, while John's mom is a famous actress who is past her prime but still acts like she isn't, his sister who is trying to plan a small wedding which her mom keeps trying to change and then his brother who would rather just get money from John instead of growing up and being an adult.

Overall this was a fun story that had me laughing out loud at times along with swooning at others.  Great characters and a great story!