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Hot Item - Carly Phillips

This book is the 3rd book in this series and it is Sophie Jordan's story.  Since losing her parents at a young age, Sophie has always dealt with things by trying to control the situation and she especially loves knowing all the facts.  Being the middle child, Sophie tends to keep things to herself and thankfully Spencer has always looked out for her.

I just adored Sophie, probably because I have a daughter that tends to act just like her.  Sophie doesn't like to take any chances because she cannot handle the pains that would come from losing.  She has to over analyze EVERYTHING before she can make any decisions.  Sophie likes everything in her life to be simple and orderly....she doesn't like anything spontaneous.

Sophie has always been attracted to Riley Nash but his carefree lifestyle has kept her from acting on that attraction.  When the news that Spencer Atkins is gay is revealed, Sophie is the only owner in town at the offices of The Hot Zone and Athletes Only and has to handle the crisis.  Spencer is avoiding her phone calls and she is lost on what to do.  Imagine her surprise when Riley comes into the office looking for Spencer.  When Riley reveals why, the two of them set out on a course to find him.

I really enjoyed how Riley was able to loosen Sophie up a little.  Together he showed her that she can have some fun times in her life while being spontaneous.  I really liked how he just understood Sophie and her crazy tendencies.  

I also liked the story with Riley's daughter, Lizzie.  It added to the story pretty well.  I also LOVED Spencer's crazy sisters.  I wish they'd get their own story!  It was interesting seeing why Spencer kept all of his secrets and how Riley's family dealt with everything.

Overall I really enjoyed this book and it was fun to re-read it!