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Finding Our Forever - Brenda Novak

Cora Kelly knows she was adopted, and loves her life, but was always curious about her birth parents.  Now as an adult she has decided to hire someone to help her investigate who they are.  The search uncovers that Aiyana Turner, owner of the New Horizons Boys Ranch is her birth mom and they just happen to have a position for a new art teacher open.  Cora applies and gets the job.  Now she can interact with her birth mom.  What she didn't expect to find was Aiyana's adopted son, Eli.  Wow, these two were pure electricity together!  HOT-HOT-HOT!  Cora is first hesitant to start up anything with Eli because of who he is but she can't help herself.  Eli doesn't tend to do relationships either but he is just drawn to Cora.  I adored these two.  They each provided something the other was missing in their lives.  I loved how vulnerable Eli was in regards to Cora.  For such a walled off type of guy, Cora quickly broke down that wall!

As Cora and Eli continue their relationship, Cora gets to know Aiyana and really likes her.  Just when things are going well, Cora's ex, Matt shows up to shake things up a bit.  I really liked the honest discussion that Cora finally had with her parents....it was so heartfelt.  Cora gets the best Christmas surprise from Eli and from there things get really interesting.  I loved how the story ended.  It was truly a perfect ending.  

Overall, I loved this book....read it in a day and a half because I couldn't put it down!  Great start to this new series and I can't wait for the next book!