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Hot Number - Carly Phillips

It has been fun re-reading these older books of Carly Phillips from her Hot Zone series. In this book, the youngest Jordan sister, Micki has always been just one of the guys. Growing up with her Uncle Yank, she enjoyed being with him or playing sports all her life. Now, working in PR Micki loves being around all these guy athletes until she realizes that they don't actually see her a woman but just as one of them, especially Damian Fuller. Micki has had a crush on Damian since they shared that New Year's Eve kiss but unfortunately Damian doesn't even remember the kiss....or does he????

Damian is towards the end of his baseball career and is trying hard to stay playing the game, but due to injuries that has been a hard battle. Since New Year's Eve he can't get Micki Jordan off of his mind when he needs to be concentrating on his career instead.

When Micki decides to take matters into her own hands, that's when the fun begins. I loved how Damian really had to restrain himself around Micki! Such great chemistry! When Damian challenges Micki into going to a strip club that's when the fun really begins. I really loved Micki and Damian together.....they just sizzled. I really enjoyed the story these two went through to get to their happy ending. It was a crazy, twisted story.

There still is the sub story going on about Uncle Yank and Lola and I'm really enjoying reliving that story too. Two stubborn people who truly belong together.