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Madly (The New York Series): A Loveswept Contemporary Romance - Ruthie Knox

Allie Fredericks is from Manitowoc, Wisconson but has found herself in New York City.  Allie is tired of her mom leaving for lengths of time and going to NYC and Allie needs to find out why.  Allie has tracked her mom down to a bar and is hiding in the shadows watching her with another man....a man who just happens to be her birth father.  Allie is suppose to be planning her parents 30th Wedding Anniversary party that is in a few days and she's afraid her mom is ruining everything.

Just as Allie is about to be spotted by her mom, she convinces a strange man in a suit and tie to be her cover.  This man is Winston Chamberlain, a tall, good looking, slightly older man with a British accent.  What Allie didn't expect was that sparks would fly!  Allie explains what she is doing in NYC and Winston ends up helping her.  At first I wasn't sure of these two as a couple.  They are 13 years apart in age.....Allie is closer in age to Winston's daughter, Bea than she is to him....but I am glad I kept reading.  By the end of this story I loved Winston and Allie together.  They just got each other.

As Allie and Winston start spending more time together, they start opening up to each other about all aspects of their lives.  These two are so different, yet so similar in many ways.

I really enjoyed the story line about Allie's mom and how so many people came together to help.  I must admit that the ending really surprised me....wasn't expecting that!  Overall this was a fun story that by the end I couldn't put down.