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One Wild Night: A One and Only Texas Novel - Melissa Cutler

Skye Martinez longed for the days of her early 20's where she was wild and carefree. Now approaching 30 she is trying to settle down, take over the family's cleaning business, find a good Catholic man to marry and start a family.

When Skye becomes overwhelmed at work at the Briscoe Ranch Resort, she decides she needs a break and wants to go for a horse ride in the dark the think. What she doesn't expect is to find a gorgeous, sexy man in the horse barn.

Gentry Wells is a big time country star who is staying at the ranch for his music producers daughter's wedding where he is to perform. Gentry's last album tanked and he has one last chance to make a great album. Wanting to escape from the crowds, Gentry heads to barn...a place he always feels at peace.

When Skye and Gentry first see each other it's fireworks! They are both attracted to each other. Skye loves his bad boy vibes and he loves that she doesn't know who he is. Skye convinces Gentry to go out for a late night horse ride and that's when the magic starts.

The next day when Skye and Gentry are stealing some moments together they find Natalie and her fiance, Toby all upset. It seems the couple didn't want this big production wedding that their parents forcing on them. Together with Skye and Gentry they hatch a plan for the couple to elope off to Nashville. Skye's having a great time being fun and carefree with Gentry, especially when he convinces her to come to Nashville with Natalie and Toby for one last fun and wild weekend before she has to be serious and settle down.

I just loved the wedding at the Dolly Parton chapel! Too funny! After the wedding, Gentry shows Skye a great time in Nashville. It was a blast all what they did. These two really were combustible! But, all good things must come to end and they both needed to get back to their real lives.

What neither of them expected was that they just couldn't get the other too far removed from their every thought. After some great soul searching, and even some craziness from her mom's love spell, these two finally find their way back to each other. Of course just when things are going great....BAM!...disaster strikes. It was a long road for these two to finally get to their happy ending but it was really worth the trip. I just adored these two characters. They both had a fun, wild side that needed to be found every now and then and then together they found the life that they both really wanted.