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Home at Last - Lily Everett

In the previous book, Close to Home, we met Marcus Beckett and Quinn Harper.  They both grew up on Sanctuary Island, next door neighbors, but are 10 years apart in age.  Quinn always had a crush on Marcus and used to follow him around like a little puppy dog.  While Marcus was away at college, his mom died of cancer.  Mad at his dad for not telling him she was dying, he quit college, joined the army, and never looked back.  14 years later Marcus is back on Sanctuary Island.  

Quinn is tired of her parents believing her to be flighty and never wanting to grow up.  What they don't realize is that Quinn has finally found a job that she really likes and wants to make a career out of it....she just doesn't know how that job came to be!

Quinn and Marcus start dating for a little bit but he quickly breaks it off with her because he feels she deserves better than him.  What he didn't understand was that breaking it off with the town's favorite resident was going to bring him nothing but problems....including no one coming to his newly opened bar.

Quinn's parents marriage has hit a brick wall.  Quinn thinks that if she can show her parents that she is all grown up and settling down that they won't spend so much time arguing about her.  Quinn comes up with a plan....her and Marcus pretend to be back together.  This will make her parents happy and it should get the town folks coming into his bar.  Marcus reluctantly agrees.

What Marcus didn't count on was that he was really enjoying being with Quinn again.  When some marriage guru Quinn's mom has hired suggests that Quinn and Marcus move into her parents home for two weeks so everyone can see how well everyone gets along...that's when the fun begins!

I really liked Quinn.  She was just super sweet and fun.  I really liked Marcus too.  He was a little brooding but based on his background it was understandable.  Together they really brought out the best in each other.  It was fun watching the two of them go from pretending to real very quickly.

I really enjoyed meeting Marcus father.  I wish more of the story had included him...especially after the two of them aired out their grievances.   I really loved Quinn and Marcus happy ending as well as Quinn's parents.  Overall, another really great book from this author in such a fun, quaint town.