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Papi: Based on a True Story - J.C. Valentine, M. Carroll

Julie is recently in the process of getting a divorce from her two-timing, cheating husband and has decided she needs to move on with her life.  Having three children doesn't give Julie much time for herself but she decides maybe if she could go out on a date or two, it would help her feel better about herself.  Imagine Julie's surprise when she gets a response back very quickly from an on-line dating app that she signed up for.  Enter Alejandro.  Slightly younger....divorced with a child....and he's Latino...something that Julie has always been attracted to.  The two of them start communicating through texting and Julie realizes that there is a strong connection between the two of them.  They decide to meet and things just explode from there!  Hot, hot, hot!!!  Instant attraction.  

I just adored these two characters.  They seemed to be finally really living their lives.  This was a quick read and still by the end of it all I could think was, "Damn, good for you Julie!".  It does end with a slight cliffhanger that will leave you wanting more and I certainly can't wait to read more!