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Wait For It - Molly O'Keefe

Damn....I didn't think Molly O'Keefe could make Blake a good guy, but she did.

Blake Edwards has spent his life cleaning up his brother Phil's messes.  When Blake finds out that Phil actually has a wife and supposed kids he goes to confront her and offers to pay her off to never hear from her again.  Blake's mom has been through enough because of Phil, and she doesn't need some white trash making her life worse.  A year later when Blake runs into Tiffany at Dylan and Annie's place he is not happy.  What he doesn't realize at first is that Tiffany is running because of Phil.  After Tiff leaves, Blake has a bad feeling and goes to find her.  When he realize that she is not the white trash he thought she was, he feels guilty and wants to help her and "fix" another of Phil's messes.

Tiffany is scared of Phil because of the abuse he has inflicted on her in the past.  She has finally decided this has to stop and she wants to serve Phil divorce papers.  Blake wants to help her since he wasn't so helpful a year ago.  Tiffany reluctantly accepts his help.  Their time together sparks an interest that Tiffany hasn't felt in a long time.  I loved how Blake was able to help her find her O again! ;)

Slowly Tiffany and Blake had to relearn how to trust someone and also how to stand up to Phil.  I loved their final confrontation with Phil!  It was awesome!  I also loved how Tiffany and Blake slowly realized their commitment to each other.  For two people to have such underlying issues, it would have been wrong to quickly be together.  It was interesting in the beginning when they were just using each other, but then I loved when it shifted into something more.  I just adored how Blake was with Tiffany's kids.  Those kids were just adorable.  I also really enjoyed the interaction with Margaret and the rest of their family.

Overall, this was a wonderful and surprising story.  I actually ended up really liking Blake!  I'm sad to see this series end....great 5 star series with each book!