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Going Down Hard - Carly Phillips

This is the 3rd book in the Billionaire Bad Boys series and it is Derek West's story.  Derek grew up living in the guesthouse of the Storms' family home where his father was their groundskeeper and his mother was their maid.  Derek always had a crush on their daughter, Cassie but never acted on it thinking she was too above his class level.  One evening while drinking a beer, just before Derek left for college, he got up the courage to go and talk to Cassie who was sitting outside by their pool in the dark.  Offering her a sip of his beer, they began bonding and even shared a kissed and plans were made to meet the next night.  The next day Derek overheard Cassie's rude, obnoxious friends making comments about his mom and when they noticed him they continued spewing rude comments about him.  Even though Derek really liked Cassie, he wanted nothing to do with her and her friends ever again.

Fast forward years later and Derek is a billionaire and part owner of a tech business.  Imagine his surprise when Cassie Storms wants to meet with him.  He knows she is working at her family's media company and figures she wants to interview him.  Too bad he has no interest in helping her with that task!  He just doesn't do interviews because he doesn't want his past revealed.  Imagine his surprise when Cassie shows up and actually apologizes for her behavior all those years ago....oh, and she does want an interview!  Now, Derek has decided he wants to seduce Cassie and get her in his bed, but he is still not going to do an interview, but she can try and change his mind by going out to dinner with him.  Of course, sparks fly and he agrees to the interview when he hears the full story.  I just loved the time they spent together really getting to know each other.  They both realized there was a lot about the other that they really didn't know.  Things moved pretty quickly between these two and I just LOVED the way Kaden and Lucas teased Derek!  Of course, events from their past came back to haunt them and they had to find a way to deal with it.  It was a great twist on the "real story" of the past.  

Overall, I really enjoyed this book.  Both of these characters were great and they both had issues from their past to deal with.  I really enjoyed their happy ending too!