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Roman: A Cold Fury Hockey Novel (Carolina Cold Fury Hockey) - Sawyer Bennett

First of all, this cover.....Yum! Secondly....Cold Fury hockey....Winner! I just adore this series. Each player has been fun in their own way and you would think that by the 7th book, things would get repetitive, but Sawyer Bennett has a way with her storytelling that makes each player's story unique.

Roman Sykora has been on his own really since he left the Czech Republic to play hockey at the age of thirteen. His parents were too much into themselves to care all that much. Roman plays by his rules and doesn't care about any fallout as long as it makes him happy. He has never had a serious relationship and is known more as a player. Of course this doesn't sit too well with his boss, Gray Brannon. When Roman is summoned to Gray's office he sees this cute, quirky female waiting in the waiting room. She is not his normal type, but he is very intrigued. Enter Lexi Robertson.

Lexi Robertson happens to be Gray Brannon's half-sister and Brian Brannon, Cold Fury Hockey CEO's daughter. Quickly these two just sizzle. As Roman spends more time with Lexi he starts to realize he really likes this fun-loving barista who plays the ukulele.

As Lexi is trying to fit into her new family, friction continues between Gray and Roman. It was fun seeing Gray's protective big-sister act come into play. Lexi longs to be part of family again while Roman wants nothing to do with a family since he never really had one. Their relationship is really put through a test but it was worth it in the end when they finally got to their happy ending.

A secondary story line was with Brian Brannon and Lexi's boss, Georgia Mack. I just adored this fun story. They are both great together and brought some fun, laugh out loud moments.

Another Cold Fury winner from Sawyer Bennett!