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Egomaniac - Vi Keeland

I could not put this book down!  It was that good!  First, the cover...damn!  Next Drew Jagger...double damn.  I think I have fallen in love!

Drew is a divorce attorney.  Ever since his ex-wife screwed him over, he does not believe in happy ever afters.  Emerie Rose is a psychologist specializing in helping relationships and only believes in happy endings.  These two should not be meant for each other but they sure were.

When Emerie first meets Drew it was so awesome and funny....you knew this was going to be the laugh out loud type of story and Vi Keeland does not disappoint.  When Drew feels sorry for Emerie, he offers her a compromise...they can share the office until she can find another place.  What Drew didn't expect was to fall hard for Emerie.  I just loved how her light slowly brought Drew out from his darkness.  

Of course there always has to be some drama and that came from Drew's ex-wife, Alexa.  Man was she a real biotch and she made his life a living hell.  At least he had his son, Beck to make dealing with Alexa worthwhile.  I loved Beck.  He was such a sweet and caring kid and it was obvious he got all of that from Drew.

The path Emerie and Drew had to go on to find their happy ending was funny, sexy and even emotional at times but it was so wonderful.  I highly recommend this great book!