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The Sexy One - Lauren Blakely

I just love a good falling for the nanny story!  Simon Travers is a divorced dad of the cutest little girl, Hayden.  He is also the fantasy of every other nanny and they've nicknamed him "The Sexy One"....tall, gorgeous and so sexy!  He is also sweet, kind, smart, funny and the best dad ever!  That is why Abby Becker has fallen for him.  Problem though is that she needs this job so she keeps her longing to herself.

I really loved the conversations Abby and Simon had.  It was fun, silly and just so sexy at times.  I loved how both of these characters longed for the other but knew they shouldn't because they didn't want to lose what they had.  But the minute they decided to forge ahead....BOOM!  These two exploded.  I loved them together.  They were both fun and quirky at the same time.  Add Hayden into the mix and it just worked.  Simon's ex-wife, Miriam added a little fun into the mix.  Loved the scene where Abby first met her!  Priceless.

Overall I really enjoyed this story and the characters.  Great read and I highly recommend it!