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To Tame a Wild Lady: A Duke-Defying Daughters Novel - Ashlyn Macnamara

Lady Caroline Wilde is the second daughter of the Duke of Sherrington and a little bit of wild child.  Caro would rather spend her days riding her horse, sitting astride, wearing britches instead of wearing fancy gowns.  When Caro realizes that Gus, her sister's eleven year old stepson was missing after his horse came back alone, she goes out looking for him in the rainstorm.  She finds him knocked out and tries to lift him.  All of a sudden a man appears and offers help.  Adrian Crosby can't understand why these young boys are out in the rain getting into trouble until he quickly realizes that Caro is no boy!  That scene was so fun.  Turns out Adrian is coming to Sherrington to interview for the new Estate Agent position and a new attraction is formed.  As Caro and Adrian spend more time together their attraction begins to grow even more.  Caro doesn't want to be a proper lady, she'd rather just be herself....turns out Adrian enjoys her just how she is!

I love the connection these two had from the beginning.  They both genuinely liked each other for whom they actually were.  It was a crazy ride these two went on to get to their happy ending but it was a really great story.  I loved how different Caro was from other London ladies and I really enjoyed how hands-on and hard working Adrian was.