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Ruthless - Gina L. Maxwell

Holy cow this book was awesome! I just loved Addison Paige and Roman Reeves. These two were off the charts hot and fun! Did I mention hot? I knew Addison was going to be fun based on what she did to Jane in the first book by sending her a stripper from Playboys 4 Hire, but I didn't have a feel yet for Ruthless Roman, lawyer by day, stripper by night!

Addison is attracted to Roman right away when they meet at a friends get-together, but Roman has a rule...don't mess around with a friend's friend. Since Janey started dating Chance, she has become a good friend to Roman so that makes Addie off limits. Too bad Addie has other plans...she didn't earn the nickname Honey Badger for nothing! Addie pursues Roman and does get her man! Talk about explosive! Problem is that neither one of them expected it to be so explosive! Then two months later....BANG!...guess who is the new junior lawyer working for Roman????...Addie!

The sexual frustration these two go through because she is now his employee is comical! I really enjoyed their banter back and forth. You knew it wouldn't take long for these two to hook back up. Problem is that Roman has a certain preference when it comes to sex and he wasn't sure Addie would be agreeable to that. Imagine his surprise when she is! As these two spend more and more time together their relationship quickly changes. Even thought they both have issues from their past, they are able to find their happy ending.

Overall, this was a wonderful story, with such great, fun characters who set the pages on fire!