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Flawed - Tracy Wolff

I am a huge Ethan Frost fan and was so excited to be getting another book...it didn't matter that Ethan was only in it a little, it was still awesome. Flawed is about Chloe's best friend, Tori Reed and Chloe's brother Miles Girard. These two can't stand each other, but sometimes that makes for the most fun. Tori is mad Miles accepted the "hush" money his parents received to cover up Chloe's rape from years ago to start his inventions to make money for the family business. Miles didn't realize that is where that money came from. He was too preoccupied in his own little world, being the really smart, really nerd tech geek! (one of my favorites!!!!)

For the past year, Tori and Miles have had a love/hate relationship but what neither of them realize is that they both have attractions to each other. These two run into each other at a mutual friend's engagement party and really heat up the dance floor, not by Tori's choice! Such a great scene! Just before Tori leaves the party she runs into her ex and has a rather unfortunate experience. What she doesn't realize is that the next morning her world as she knows it is going to implode.

Imagine who comes to her rescue, but Miles. What starts out as just a guy helping a girl when she is down, quickly evolves into something more meaningful. If you love a sassy mouthed female and a sexy, techie geek, read this book! You get a really good look into what makes each of these characters be the person that they really are. I just adore Miles....A LOT! Tori was always the "fun" friend but you really get a different look at her life in the story...it will really pull at your heartstrings.

Overall, I loved this book, loved the characters and really enjoyed Miles and Tori's journey to their happy ending!