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Finding Kyle - Sawyer Bennett

Kyle Sommerville....he's alive!!!!????  In Wicked Bond we all thought Kyle was killed in the line of duty....little did we know the way Sawyer Bennett's mind works! ;)

Surprise!  Kyle is alive and living in Misty Harbor, Maine as Kyle Harding.  He is trying to live a quiet, reclusive life as the lighthouse operator.  Unfortunately, his neighbor, Jane Cresson has other ideas.  Jane is intrigued by her sexy, new neighbor and would love to get to know him.  I love how she keeps at him and keeps at him until he slowly starts to let his walls down.  I loved Jane's personality.  She was such a warm ray of sunshine, and just seemed like a really sweet person.  I also really enjoyed Kyle's dark personality.  He has been through something very traumatic and it was fun watching him slowly get some light back.

Their journey was filled with some great sweet and sexy moments.  These two just worked so well together.  When Kyle's true identity does come out, all hell breaks loose!  This part sure had some tough emotions during it.  When Kyle goes to see his sister who thought he was dead....have tissues ready!  Thanks goodness their feelings for each other were able to draw them back together and they end up with such a great happy ending!