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Big Shot - Carly Phillips

OMG! This book was freaking awesome! I just could not get enough of Wes and Natalie! Between Wes' cocky attitude and Natalie's sassy mouth these two were perfect together!

Natalie Prescott has been in love with Wes Sinclair since she was a young girl...after all he is her brother Connor's best friend. Wes has been attracted to Natalie since he was 18 years old but has never acted on it because you never break the golden rule...don't mess with your best friend's little sister.

When Natalie wanted to be hired on at Connor, Wes and Max's company, Premier Realty, Wes fought hard for her not to be hired. He didn't think he could handle being that close to her every day. This causes Natalie to devote all of her time and energy into being the best luxury real estate agent in Chicago, even beating Wes at his own game.

When Natalie "steals" her third sale out from under Wes for the month, he is not a happy camper. That night Wes sees Natalie at the bar they hang out at. They start talking and have their usual back and forth smart a$$ banter that leads to underlying sexual tension. Wes decides to challenge Natalie to a bet. GAME ON!

OMG, these two characters were so fun! They both are mouthy, cocky and so full of lust for each other! The story line these two went through was so fun and sexy I just couldn't put this book down! I loved how Natalie was finally able to get her man after all these years! Awesome job Carly Phillips and Erika Wilde!