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The Trouble with Mistletoe - Jill Shalvis

I like to pick one Christmas story to read at the holiday and I picked this one.  Boy am I glad.  This book was typical Jill Shalvis...great characters...great story....great happy ending!

Willa Davis owns a pet shop and is one of the sweetest, nicest people anyone knows.  So imagine her surprise when Keane Winters comes to her shop with a pink bedazzled cat carrier asking for help and doesn't even recognize her, even though he broke her heart back in high school.

Keane is at his wits end.  His great aunt asked him to watch her crazy, possessed cat.  He tried taking her to work that didn't work out too well so now he is begging for help, even offering to pay more than normal.  Keane tends to spend all of his time working and not into relationships.  An occasional hookup is all he needs.  What he did not expect was to be drawn to Willa and her brightness.

After spending some time together, Willa starts to realize that Keane is not like the guy he was in high school.  When she confronts him about actually knowing her, she finds out something that she never really knew.  Her light is helping to remove his darkness in life and they start to realize that they could be good together.

I just adored all of Willa's friends.  They were such a hoot!  I loved how protective they were of her.  I really enjoyed the ride Willa and Keane went on to get to their happy ending.  This story had wonderful characters, a great story and a happy ever after that will tug at your heart!