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Being Brooke - Emma Hart

I have never read this author before but this book sounded fun.  Brooke Barker has a problem...she is in love with her best friend...Cain Elliot and has been for years.  The only problem, Cain has a girlfriend, one whom Brooke does not like.  The other problem...everyone in the entire town knows that Brooke and Cain should be together, except for Cain.

I just adored the characters in this entire book.  Brooke was so laugh out loud funny.  I imagine the author just sat there cracking up as she wrote this book.  Cain was sweet and good looking and too nice for his own good.  No one liked Cain with his girlfriend but he didn't want to cause any problems.  I loved how Brooke always came first, even before his girlfriend.  That right there should have told him something.  I loved the other best friend Carly, Cain's brother's and even their parents.

Overall this was such a fun story.  I really enjoyed the path these two went down to finally realize that they belonged together.  Cain and Brooke were just made to be together!