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Max: A Cold Fury Hockey Novel (Carolina Cold Fury Hockey) - Sawyer Bennett
Wow! I didn't think anyone would ever complete with Ryker being my favorite Cold Fury player, but Max is sure giving him a run for his money. Maybe I have a thing for goalies! ;)

Max Fournier is trying to win the starting goalie position since Ryker announced his retirement. Max had the job until he got hurt but now that he is healthy he wants his position back. Max is tall, built and good looking but he also has a heart of gold. Max also has love for junk food!

One night Max stops into a convenient store to buy his junk food and he's captivated by the cashier, Julianne. This first meeting was too funny! What those boys did that their sister was wrong, but so fun! Instantly Max is smitten and wants this lady in his life.

Julianne "Jules" Bradley is having to take care of her two nephews and one niece ever since her sister passed away four months ago. Their father is not really in the picture so Jules is doing everything she can, including working two jobs, to raise these kids. She is beyond exhausted and the last thing she needs in her life is a guy, especially a very persistent one.

I just loved how Max was with Jules and the kids. He is the dreamy guy every girl always longs for. Max always wanted to help Jules out but she was having a hard time accepting his help. I loved how he pushed her into her favorite down time passion!

I just adored the path these two had taken to get to their happy ending. It was wonderful and perfect for them! I loved the way Max proposed too! Very clever! Awesome characters with a great story line! 5 star all the way!