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Melody Anne's Billionaire Universe: Roadside Assistance (Kindle Worlds Novella) - Casey Hagen

Lathan Kincaid needs a wife in 17 days in order to inherit the rest of his trust fund, some of which he promised for a school in Kenya, the Liam T. Kincaid School, in honor of his late brother.  The girl he was hoping to be engaged to, Kim, just broke it off with him so Lathan decides to take his 2016 Porsche 918 Spyder for a ride through the Sierra Nevada Mountains at night.  While driving, Lathan ends up running over debris on the road and has to call a tow service.  Imagine his surprise when this short, little female named Jack Price pops out of the wrecker!  I just loved their banter!  Jack, short for Jacqueline gave it as good as she got it!  Lathan was smitten...could this be his wife?  As the two of them talk, Lathan realizes that the two of them marrying would be beneficial for both of them.  Jack needs money for her father who is in a long term care facility for Alzheimers, so he propositions her.....stay married to him for one year and he promises he will pay for her father's treatment for as long as he is alive.  Even though Jack wasn't sure she'd fit into Lathan's rich world, she agrees.  Now let the fun begin!

I loved Jack.  She was a witty, smart and loyal person.  She works hard in life and loves her brother and dad fully.  I loved how she handled being with Lathan's family!  I also really liked Lathan...on the outside he seemed like a rich, spoiled guy, but really he has a heart of gold.  The journey these two went on to get to their happy ending was fun and the ending was perfect!