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Down Shift (A Driven Novel) - K. Bromberg

Wow! When I read this book I didn't expect for it to be so emotional but it really was.

Zander Donavan is the adopted son of Rylee and Colton Donavan and now he's all grown up! Zander is a race car driver just like his dad and is currently at the top of the standings. Too bad the life Zander is leading is getting in the way along with the guilt he has been carrying around for years. After a confrontation with Colton, which leads to being fired, Zander decides he needs to be on his own to sort some things out and takes off without telling anyone where he is going.

Zander heads to Smitty's beach house to spend some time alone to deal with all his stuff. Imagine his surprise when a cute female comes walking in on him as he is just getting out of the shower. She is also buck naked! This scene was priceless! Anytime I see a mini-blind wand from now on I'll be laughing! Zander calls Smitty and realized that Smitty and his wife, Darcy both told different people they could stay there. Darcy won't be home for a few days so Zander will just have to deal with the situation.

Enter Getty Caster. Getty has been staying at this house for the past 3 months after running from an abusive marriage. Getty came from a wealthy family but was tired of being told what she was allowed and not allowed to do.

Zander and Getty both have things from their past that they are hiding from each other. I loved how these two decided to live in the same place and how they slowly broke down the other's walls. As Zander and Getty go through their journey to get over their pasts, they develop quite a friendship, which eventually leads to more. Both of these characters are so strong, yet so flawed because of their pasts but together they manage to move forward. I just adored the happy ending...it was perfect.

Overall, this was a wonderful, emotional story with such great, developed characters. If you are an easy crier, keep the tissues close!